Monday, March 31, 2014

Awaken Your Landscape

For years I was in the home building industry and came away with a lifelong fascination of noticing every application of crown molding, tile and recessed light fixture.  I can proudly name door hardware and sink faucet models.  When sitting in a restaurant, I dwell on poor grout joints and bad miters and take note of any and all details that the architect so carefully specified.

Now, after 11 years in the landscape industry, I drive down the street and see a world that needs a landscaper.  I pass tired walks, overgrown shrubs and damaged lawns.  I dwell on a lack of color, poor spacing and too many solar path lights purchased at the garden center.  The homeowner couldn’t possibly understand the power of the outdoors and have a yard so unkept. I think about providing services that treat tired souls.

Our job, no matter what role we play, is to rejuvenate, invigorate and awaken people’s lives through their gardens.  What a satisfying profession we have all chosen.  From a single container with herbs to a full blown makeover, we educate our client about the benefits of being outside and enjoying their natural surroundings.

We introduce them to the scent of flowers and colors unlike anything they have indoors. We can create textures and patterns that couldn’t be drawn with a pencil and paper and sounds from water, fire and wind.  Wildlife such as hummingbirds gather and the homeowner begins to mark the calendar by their coming and leaving at season’s end.  They begin to notice cloud patterns, newly opening buds, insects and animal tracks.  They become alive in their garden and realize the power of their own land.  Their new landscape provides serenity and a place for relationships to be nurtured and expanded.

Jane Frank
Landscape Designer
David J. Frank Landscape Contracting, Inc.

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