Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 Landscaping Trends for 2012

Every spring, our staff compiles a list of new ideas for outdoor living. Here are our top ten recommendations for improving your landscape and your lifestyle.

1. Green Walls

Define your outdoor space and enjoy privacy without confinement. Whether it's a line of arborvitae or a pergola covered with climbing vines, use live walls of plants to create structured "rooms."

2. Animated 3D Design

Realistic, animated 3D designs mean you can renovate your landscape with confidence. "Walk through" a computer-generated model of your new backyard and see, in real space and color, exactly how your new landscape will look.

3. Organic Fertilizer

Something new is brewing in lawn care: Geo-Tea is a liquid organic fertilizer that can dramatically improve soil quality for healthier grass and a healthier environment for people and pets.
brunnera jack frost
4. The 2012 Perennial Plant of the Year

This year's top perennial is Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost'. This clump-forming perennial has attractive light blue flowers with yellow centers in spring, plus attractive silvery white and green foliage that adds texture throughout the growing season.

mixing vegetables in flower pots5. Edibles in Containers

Flower pots are on double-duty this season, with the best potted arrangements featuring edible fruits and vegetables mixed in with annual flowers. It's a satisfying combination for both the eyes and the appetite!

6. Rain Water Harvesting Systems

The grass is always greener when it's properly watered, and what could be greener and better for the environment that rain water? Most of today's irrigation systems can incorporate a cistern for collecting and redistributing rain water, with the added benefit of reducing run-off and erosion on your property.

gas starter for fire pit7. Got a light?
Home owners are lighting up the easy way, with gas starters for their outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. No messing with lighter fluid or starter logs; just ignite and leave the gas on until the wood catches, then enjoy a natural fire with ease.

outdoor pizza oven wood fired pizza
8. Going Out for Pizza

Wood-fired pizza ovens are giving new meaning to going "out" for pizza. Adding a pizza oven to your patio kitchen delivers a great al fresco experience, and a welcome break from traditional grilling.

9. Bright Ideas

Incandescent bulbs are quickly becoming obsolete so update your landscape lighting to include energy efficient LED fixtures that come in great new designs and finishes. Look for creative styles that can be built right into brick patios, deck railings and steps, water features and more.

10. Staying Connected
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