Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time for Tree Care!

Winter Pruning is Prudent!
Winter is winding down but there's still time to trim trees before spring. Check out our "top ten" reasons to prune this winter, then call David J. Frank for a free estimate on arborist services for protecting this valuable part of your landscape.
1. Pruning is to a tree what mowing is to grass – visually appealing. Shaping enhances a tree's overall appearance and value on your property.

2. Crowding due to an overabundance of branches may result in unbalanced growth and a crooked trunk.

3. Removing lesser branches leaves more nutrients for the remaining ones, so their leaves, flowers and/or fruit will be more vigorous.

4. Removing unhealthy limbs helps prevent the spread of disease or bacteria to other branches.

5. Dead trees and branches become brittle and will eventually fall down - on someone or something! Remove them now to avoid accidents and injury to people and property.

6. Thinning a large tree canopy reduces weight and wind resistance. Once pruned, air flows more easily through the tree so there is less pressure on the root system to hold it steady.

7. Winter pruning is best for most trees because they are dormant. Sap flows very slowly when it's cold so the tree won't "bleed" much.

8. There will be much less debris and an easier clean-up when there are no leaves, plus little or no damage to your lawn if we move a stump grinder or bucket truck over frozen ground.

9. Without leaves, it's easier to follow the natural growth of primary branches and identify potential problems. (Don't worry – an arborist can easily tell the different between dormant and dead limbs, and will only remove live branches when necessary for the overall good of the tree.)

10. Finally, winter pruning can be more cost effective. With lighter, off-season work loads, many landscape service quotes are more competitive.

Trees won't be dormant much longer so call a David J. Frank arborist now and see a healthy difference this spring - 262.255.4888.